This study presents different researches on developing genetic medicines and efficient engineered delivery systems. Researchers have developed a range of approaches to deliver cancer drugs. Many of these techniques would adapt easily for genetic medicine. In fact, many researchers are already putting them to work. Arcturus Therapeutics in San Diego, a ribonucleic acid (RNA) medicines company, is working on development of an advancement over previous lipid-based delivery systems. Arcturus’s solution is a biodegradable lipid with a temporary charge, just enough to wrap medicines and RNA in a loose, yarn-like bundle. When the bundle reaches the targeted cell, the cell engulfs it, trapping it in a small sac that travels into the cell. As engineers test the design of delivery systems, they will find themselves working with scientists to understand how all the pieces fit together. Experts foresee that clinics in 30 years from the present will sequence patients’ genomes and biopsy their conditions, and prescribe treatments that target the precise cause of disease.

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