I am pleased to announce the Journal of Mechanical Design's (JMD's) Editors' Choice Paper Awards for the years: 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Back in May 2014, I wrote an Editorial in JMD titled: “Announcing JMD's Annual Best Paper Award Guidelines.” In that editorial, I outlined the procedures we planned to follow to choose a yearly best paper from papers published in JMD in that year. However, after much further thought and input from the design engineering community, including many JMD Associate and Guest Editors and Editors of other ASME journals, I have decided to call this award: “Editors' Choice Paper Award.” The words “Editors' Choice” were used to refer to the Associate Editors (AEs) and Guest Editors (GEs) involvement in the nomination and selection process.

Let me review the process of selecting the editors' choice paper(s). First, the AEs and GEs involved with the journal in a particular...

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