The Tenth Heat Transfer Photogallery was sponsored by the K-22 Heat Transfer Visualization Committee for the 2005 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exhibition (IMECE) held in Orlando, Florida, on November 5–11, 2005. The peer-reviewed evaluation process for the presented entries identified the six entrees for publication in the ASME Journal of Heat Transfer August issue of 2006.

The purpose of publishing these entries is to draw attention to the innovative features of optical diagnostic techniques and aesthetic qualities of thermal processes. To focus on visualization images and schematics, the text is kept to a minimum and further details should be found directly from the authors. My wish is that the readers enjoy viewing these collections, acquire knowledge of the state-of-the-art features, and also promote their participation in the 2006 IMECE Photogallery session.1

The Call for Photogallery for 2006 IMECE is also announced in this issue of Journal of Heat Transfer.

The Photogallery entries are listed with brief descriptions of their technical presentation contents:

  • 1

    “Nanosecond Imaging of Bubble Nucleation on a Microheater,” by C. T. Avedisian, R. E. Cavicchi, and M. J. Tarlov of Cornell University.

  • 2

    “Evaporation and Dryout of Nanofluid Droplets on a Microheater Array,” by C. H. Chon, S. W. Paik, J. B. Tipton, Jr., and K. D. Kihm of the University of Tennessee.

  • 3

    “Mili-Scale Visualization of Bubble Growth-Translation and Droplet Impact Dynamics,” by R. M. Manglik, M. A. Jog, A. Subramani, and K. Gatne of the University of Cincinnati.

  • 4

    “Film Cooling Measurements for Novel Hole Configurations,” by Y. Lu, H. Nasir, D. Faucheaux, and S. V. Ekkad of Louisiana State University.

  • 5

    “Jet Impingement Heat Transfer Visualization Using a Steady State Liquid Crystal Method,” by E. Esposito and S. V. Ekkad of Louisiana State University.

  • 6

    “The Passing Behaviors of Vapor through Cloth,” by A. Narumi, K. Uchida, and T. Konishi of Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Autech Japan, and Oita National College of Technology, Japan, respectively.