Experiments were conducted with water droplets impacting on the edge of thin steel strips that were heated to beyond the Leidenfrost temperature. High-speed movies were taken and analyzed and showed that the shattered droplets were generally bimodal in size distribution. The volume ratio of these two size groups of generated droplets, the mean diameter of droplets, and the ejection angles and velocities of shattered droplets are shown as a function of incoming droplet Weber number, the ratio of incoming droplet diameter to strip thickness, and the offset of the droplet relative to the strip. The data are presented in nondimensional form and correlations are provided for the mean diameter of the shattered droplets. The theoretical limiting conditions of a droplet impacting normally to a large plate and cutting by a strip of zero thickness are analyzed. The present results are compared with those of the limiting conditions. The application to a nuclear reactor spacer grid behavior during two-phase dispersed flow is discussed.

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