9R58. Principles of Heat Transfer. - M Kaviany (Dept of Mech Eng, Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI). Wiley, New York. 2002. 973 pp. CD-ROM included. ISBN 0-471-43463-9. $125.00.

Reviewed by AM Kanury (Dept of Mech Eng, Oregon State Univ, Corvallis OR 97331-6001).

The author states that this book serves as text “for a semester-long course,” that “readers would acquire a fundamental understanding of heat transfer,” and that “at the end of the course the students will have learned some of the specifics of thermal engineering design and analysis and will also be able to articulate innovative use of heat transfer in engineering problems.” Not indicated, however, is whether it is intended as a text for a first course in heat transfer for undergraduate students or for an intermediate or advanced graduate class.

For the purpose of preparing this review, one may assume that the book has been written to...

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