With the development of Automation industry, a new industrial model has been born, and traditional human resources have gradually been replaced by machines. The World Economic Forum (WEF) pointed out in “The Future of Jobs Report 2018” that the world is experiencing a “workplace revolution”, which means that machine will play a more important role in the future. In response to this situation, in this paper, techniques for object recognition and tracking on a conveyor using eye-in-hand gripper are presented, which are useful in production line for automatic object classification. The eye-in-hand configuration is the most suitable for camera and gripper application because the camera coordinate is the same as the gripper coordinate. The main advantages of eye-in-hand configuration are as follow: (1) occlusion avoidance (2) intuitive teleoperation (3) image from different angles (4) simple calibration. The main difference with eye-on-hand configuration is that it may be out of view sight when the camera is too close to the object. The experimental result is using the eye-in-hand robotic gripper to establish a tracking system to chase the target object. Preliminary results show that the speed of the conveyor can be calculated and the moving distance between the robot and the object is very close after a period of time. It means that the tracking system is successful.

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