This contribution presents an overall mathematical survey of the nuclear power plant (NPP) process in terms of functional redundancy in relation to performance measurements and reactor output calculations.

With the help of VALI software it has been possible to verify significant differences in the average coolant temperature (CT) values compared with the displayed values, in particular in respect of starting up the plant. Corrections in the operating mode, which were made on the basis of the validation data, have resulted in maximum output being achieved more quickly.

By tracking the trends of the component output data calculated from validated data, it has been possible to obtain direct indications of weaknesses in the process engineering. With the help of an examination of sensitivity, an incorrect measuring chain response can be identified. For this purpose, automatically generated report forms are produced and these are used to maintain the measuring chains.

The replacement of equipment calibration by functional redundancy in relation to the measured performance values results in potential savings in respect of maintenance activities such as recurrent tests (RT) and recurrent maintenance measures (RM) of approx. DM 1.1 million per LWR unit/year.

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