This paper presents the findings of destructive compression testing on Formlabs© CLEAR Resin FLGPCL02 and TOUGH Resin FLTOTL03. Compression testing ASTM D695-15 was chosen because of the extreme fragility of the Clear Resin which did not allowed proper tensile testing with our equipment. The material was subjected to a steadily increasing compressive load until complete failure occurred. Five mechanical properties were extracted from stress versus strain curves. The five experimental properties, of Formlabs© CLEAR resin, found were young’s modulus (1.52 GPa) (std = 71 MPa), yield strength (39.6 MPa) (std = 2 MPa), ultimate strength (255 MPa) (std = 35 MPa), strain at fracture (0.509 m/m) (std = 0.0159 m/m), and toughness (49.1 J/m−3) (std = 3.9 J/m−3). The five experimental properties, of Formlabs© TOUGH resin, found were secant modulus (73.9 MPa) (std = 0.87 MPa), yield strength (42.8 MPa) (std = 3.03MPa), ultimate strength (587 MPa) (std = 61 MPa), strain at fracture (0.686 m/m) (std = 0.0097 m/m), and toughness (65 J/m−3) (std = 6 J/m−3). These were then compared to Formlabs© public released values.

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