Recently, the power supply for portable electronic devices using the electricity extracted from human motion and ambient vibrations has received considerable attention from multidiscipline field. Among many energy converting mechanisms, the ease miniaturization of piezoelectric cantilever structure propels many research groups to investigate the potential of efficient energy harvesting from ambient vibration using resonant phenomena. However, the incapability of traditional linear energy harvesting from low frequency or varying frequency vibrations has become an open issue. This paper investigates the feasibility of nonlinear energy harvesters with different bistable potential well functions in harvesting energy from walking and running vibration. The portable nonlinear energy harvesting device and its measurement system has been established to obtain the model parameter and excitation signal from human motion. The electromechanical model for bistable energy harvesters with different nonlinear restoring force is derived from theoretical method and experimental data. Numerical investigation under human walking and running vibrations shows that large amplitude interwell motion are easily achieved to improve energy output while the proper potential well function of bistable oscillators is designed. The comparative experiments for nonlinear energy devices with different potential well function are performed. The history and frequency spectrum of output voltage demonstrate the effectiveness of numerical simulation and the clear potential of bistable energy harvesting from human motion by means of appropriate potential function design.

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