Tsinghua University and Neoswise Science & Technology Co. Ltd jointly developed the HTGR accident simulation system (EHTR) relying on the VPOWER platform. Based on Tsinghua University’s research into HTGR, the simulation system can provide users with a reliable HTGR control system that supports the functions of accident insertion, accident evolution, and accident analysis. At the same time, a friendly logical configuration interface is also provided. In nuclear engineering education, this system can help students deepen their understanding of the operation with advanced reactor equipment, which will help them enter the nuclear industry in the future. In this paper, EHTR is used to simulate the loss of feedwater accident. The changes in nuclear power, thermal power, temperature, and mass flow rate of the steam generator are analyzed. The simulation results are in good agreement with the design values, which shows the reliability of EHTR. Finally, the hybrid interactive teaching method combined with virtual simulation experiments and online teaching is introduced and applied in nuclear engineering courses. The teaching feedback shows that through the hybrid interactive teaching, the students have a better understanding of reactor operation knowledge, and stimulate their enthusiasm in the nuclear industry.

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