The Fluoride-salt-cooled High temperature Reactor (FHR) is new reactor concept-about a decade old which is mainly on going in China and U.S. The preliminary thermal-hydraulic studies of the Fluoride salt cooled High temperature Test Reactor (FHTR) is necessary for the development of the FHR technology. In this paper, the thermal-hydraulics of FHTR (also called TMSR-SF) designed by Shanghai Instituted of Applied Physics (SINAP) is studied in different power modes. The temperature distributions of the coolant and the fuel pebble are obtained using a steady-state thermal-hydraulic analysis code for FHR. The comprehensive local flow and heat transfer are investigated by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for the locations where may have the maximum pebble temperature based on the results from single channel analysis. The profiles of temperature, velocity, pressure and Nu of the coolant on the surface of the pebble as well as the temperature distribution of a fuel pebble are obtained and analyzed. Numerical results showed that the results of 3-D simulation are in reasonable agreement with that of single channel model and also illustrated safety operation of the preliminary designed TMSR-SF in different power mode.

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