The Generation IV international Forum (GIF) selected molten salt reactor (MSR) among six advanced reactor types. It is characterized by a liquid circulating fuel that also serves as coolant. In this study, a multiple-channel analysis code (MAC) is developed and it is coupled with MCNP4c to analyze the neutronics/thermal-hydraulics behavior of Molten Salt Reactor Experiment (MSRE). The MAC calculates thermal-hydraulic parameters, such as temperature distribution, flow distribution and pressure drop. MCNP4c performs the analysis of effective multiplication factor, neutron flux and power distribution. A linkage code is developed to exchange data between MAC and MCNP to implement coupling iteration process until the power convergence is achieved. The coupling calculation can achieve converged solution after a few iterations. The results are in reasonable agreement with the analytic solutions from the ORNL. This work was helpful for further design analysis and operation of MSR.

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