This paper proposes a technique for reconstructing the cylinder pressure traces of a spark-ignition engine based on three inputs: spark-timing, speed and load. This method is an extension of previous work for reconstructing cylinder pressure in a heavy-duty diesel engine [1]. The previous study utilized only two inputs for cylinder pressure reconstruction, e.g. engine speed and load, hence implying optimal combustion phasing. The new method adds one more input to allow reconstruction of pressure traces from cycles with combustion phasing altered based on emissions or knock constraints. The method was applied to a 4-cylinder, 2.4-liter DaimlerChrysler gasoline engine. Comparisons between measured and reconstructed cylinder pressure traces demonstrate that the method is applicable over the majority of the gasoline engine operating range. Reconstructed cylinder pressure traces have also been used to carry out engine heat transfer and heat release analyses. Problems associated with the application of this method to gasoline engine are also discussed.

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