A new advanced film cooling scheme, named high-aspect-ratio holes has been proposed. Four configurations were designed, and numerically simulated under density ratio of 2 and different blowing ratios. All configurations demonstrate extremely high film cooling effectiveness values, some are as high as the so-called perfect performance, while their mechanical strength are similar to the conventional schemes. The new scheme exhibits two traits distinctive from the conventional geometries: Its film cooling effectiveness is much higher than the coverage ratio (t/P), and the high film cooling effectiveness is obtained under strong counter-rotating vortex pair (CRVP). It has been found that, in the new scheme, along with the aspect ratio value increase, the CRVP move away from the coolant-mainstream interface, and the coolant laterally expands in the vicinity of the exit. Consequently, a continuous coolant film would occur near the trailing edge position if aspect ratio is high enough. The approach of high-aspect-ratio holes could be used to design the highest film cooling performance geometries.

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