A numerical computation method of simulating the temperature and heat transfer of the anti-icing strut under icing condition is presented. The flow field around the strut is obtained by using CFD software Fluent. The trajectories of super-cooled water droplets and the collection-efficiency are calculated by Lagrangian approach after the computation of the air flow field. The coupling effects of heat transfer and mass transfer are considered in the temperature computation of the strut. The thermal model considers the mass balance of water and energy balance on the surface of the strut. The comparison of computation results with experiment results is given to assess the validity of present computational method in this paper. Good agreement between the numerical predictions and the experimental results is obtained for the surface temperatures. The effects of temperature and mass flow of hot oil on the temperature of the inlet strut surface under different icing conditions are studied using numerical simulations. Some recommendations are given for an optimized design of hot oil anti-icing system.

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