In this paper, we address the decentralized collaborative trajectory planning and target surrounding of multiple Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) in three-dimensional space using Partial Differential Equation (PDE) method. The mission objective is simultaneously arrival of UAVs with safe flight trajectory to a certain radius of an a – priori target. Then by reforming the configuration of swarm, UAVs would circle around the target. The assumption in this work is that the arrival time between the UAVs’ final and initial positions are defined a – priori. The constraints in this paper are (i) Three dimensional Dubins path and UAV dynamic constraints, (ii) Minimum separation distance between UAVs, and (iii) Collision-free trajectory throughout the flight. We define a novel concept of Prediction Set (PS) based on our previous study on PDE path planning method and then we apply the PDE PSs to the constraints of the problem (i.e., (i) to (iii)) and solve the optimization problem. Finally, the concept is demonstrated by numerical simulation and an experiment to represent the effectiveness of the solution.

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