Dynamic Programming (DP) technique is an effective algorithm to find the global optimum. However when applying DP for finite state problems, if the state variables are discretized, it increases the cumulative errors and leads to suboptimal results. In this paper we develop and present a new DP algorithm that overcomes the above problem by eliminating the need to discretize the state space by the use of sets. We show that the proposed DP leads to a globally optimal solution for a discrete time system by minimizing a cost function at each time step. To show the efficacy of the proposed DP, we apply it to optimize the fuel economy of the series and parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) architectures and the case study of Chevrolet Volt 2012 and the Honda Civic 2012 for the series and parallel HEV’s respectively are considered. Simulations are performed over predefined drive cycles and the results of the proposed DP are compared to previous DP algorithm (DPdis). The proposed DP showed an average improvement of 2.45% and 21.29% over the DPdis algorithm for the series and the parallel HEV case respectively over the drive cycles considered. We also propose a real time control strategy (RTCS) for online implementation based on the concept of Preview Control. The RTCS proposed is applied for the series and parallel HEV’s over the drive cycles and the results obtained are discussed.

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