It has been shown that the stability of LTI time-delayed systems with respect to the delays can be analyzed in two equivalent domains: (i) delay space (DS) and (ii) spectral delay space (SDS). Considering a broad class of linear time-invariant time delay systems with multiple delays, the equivalency of the stability transitions along the transition boundaries is studied in both spaces. For this we follow two corresponding radial lines in DS and SDS, and prove for the first time in literature that they are equivalent. This property enables us to extract local stability transition features within the SDS without going back to the DS. The main advantage of remaining in SDS is that, one can avoid a non-linear transition from kernel hypercurves to offspring hypercurves in DS. Instead the potential stability switching curves in SDS are generated simply by stacking a finite dimensional cube called the building block (BB) along the axes. A case study is presented within the report to visualize this property.

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